Dear friends,

    I was born a Greek and became a world traveler at a very young age. I was given an international education from the start and always found it very comfortable to live work and play wherever the road took me. I always found it fascinating to interact with all peoples, fascinated by world cultures seeking to expand my understanding of the world through a rich variety of friendships. I am and always was curious to discover more and more of the world, and I continue to do so everyday.

    Being Greek is interesting; during my time so far, I found as a Greek, appreciation and respect wherever I went. Through my interactions I developed the strong conviction about the noble essence of being Greek, the inner quality of our people. Greeks at their most refined, are without doubt, a people with dignity, honour, nobility and solidarity up there amongst the best in the world. I found others easily gravitate towards these qualities that Greeks share. I would like this site to be a study of everything noble that is Greek.

    I am fascinated by the search to find ways to release the positive energy of our people which would ensure a new age of enlightenment that would make us all proud and interesting for others.

    Team Blue is Team Greece. Our aim is to capture our collective positive energy and channel it towards a new age of enlightenment. Our strategy is to populate Team Blue with the best and most creative minds, work with best practices, promote highest standards of achievements, and support all initiatives that help us achieve our aim. We showcase success, help and promote creativity, give freely.

    We want our Team to win. We are excited to move forward. At first, enjoy reading here the interviews of our Team members that we support, and if it gives you pleasure or pride, join us in the various initiatives that we launch. The site is curated and our Board is in charge of all decisions that bind Team Blue. is an initiative supported by private enterprise and launched by the international media, entertainment and technology group Smart.Magna


    A. C.

    Team Blue Charter: promoting excellence - innovation - enterprise